Download Free VPN for Windows 7

Download Free VPN for Windows 7: VPN is a network that is private usually called Private Network and stands for Virtual Private Networkfrom its name sound looks like something related to indirect confidential/personal network. Virtual Private Network is the optimum solution to bypass the internet restrictions.

Download VPN Free provides you the intensely secure connection between a personal network that connected to the internet. Download Free VPN keeps your everything encrypted like your IP by providing you fake IP of a different region. It allows you to ensure that you are surfing the web safely, privately and anonymously.

The large amount of free VPN for Window 7 is available on the web which was used for sharing the data and for a secure connection. These VPN software’s companies provide many services that you require about your taste like unlimited access, encryption of data, 100+ servers with different locations and many more without any charges.

Here is the list below of Free VPN for Window 7 that I test and compare by myself, on that basis of VPNs that provide you services and special offers for free. You can also download free VPN for Window 7 from their official websites.


Free VPN for Window 7

  1. Proton VPN – Free VPN download for windows 7:

Company: ProtonVPN AG & ProtoMail

Setup Size: 20 Mb

Download Free VPN for Windows 7

We believe privacy and security are fundamental human rights, so we also provide a free version of ProtonVPN to the public. Easy to use, fast encryption of data, global VPN Servers. Have unlimited protocols addresses over 14 countries 112 servers and 155gbps Capacity.


Have 12Mb downloading and 4mb uploading speed.

TOR over VPN.

Unlimited bandwidth.

10GBIT servers.

P2P support & Professional Support.

Download Proton VPN For Windows 7


  1. Psiphon3 pro – Download VPN free for windows 7:

Company: Psiphon Inc.

 Setup Size: 6.43 Mb

Psiphon3 pro - Download VPN free for windows 7

Psiphon VPN that utilizes VPN, SSH and HTTP Proxy technology to provide you with uncensored access to Internet content. It provides open access to online content. Have online security tools. Psiphon helped millions of people, no matter what network you are using to connect.


It promises three Trust, Speed, Simplicity.

Provide downloading speed up to 2Mb.

Open source VPN which means everyone accesses the code and customizes VPN by his way.

No Account Needed.

Download Psiphon3 pro VPN For Windows 7


  1. VPN for Window – Free VPN Download for Windows:

Company: Eventure Limited

Setup Size: 5.98 Mb VPN for Window - Free VPN Download for Windows

Protect your location and your data without risking your privacy, online identity and personal information. Unlimited speed and provide 256-bit data Encryption. Used by 5 million people. Have 400+ Servers and 70+ Locations.

Key Features:

One click connects.

Auto reconnector.

Killswitch for blocking outgoing connections.

IP or DNS Leak Protection.

No Account Required.

Download VPN For Windows 7


  1. SumRando VPN – Free unlimited VPN for windows:

Company: SumRando

Setup size: 5.53 Mb

SumRando VPN - Free unlimited VPN for windows

Keeping internet activity private and secure. Help to preserve the integrity and privacy of your personal data in an increasingly invasive world. Uses 128-bit encryption. Worldwide Servers and worldwide access.


Encrypt all traffic, not just Browser traffic.

Bypass Country Internet restrictions.

Simple to use.

Download SumRando VPN For Windows 7


                    Download Free VPN for Windows 7Virtual Private Network is one the most used emerging technology in the information technology field. These are the Free VPNs for Window 7 each have different services and policies but from my point of view, I prefer you to Proton VPN and Psiphon3 pro because they provide extra speed and security than others.