Download Free VPN for Windows

What is VPN?

Free VPN for Windows: VPN is the small form of virtual private network. Download VPN Free is the secure bridge between two or more than two devices. Virtual private networks software or app used to protect web traffic from interference, snooping and censorship. VPN is designed to create a simulated point-to-point connection by using dedicated connections like traffic encryption or tunneling protocols. VPN for public internet is available to offer various advantages for wide area network, WAN.

Importance of Download Free VPN:

VPN is the greatest option that helps the user to protect privacy, change geolocation and encrypting data in various devices like PC, Mac, Android etc. However, VPN for separate windows version varies and these sometimes for the free or low cost.  While, the premium services are too costly but these are better to offer privacy, security and block-free Internet access. Fortunately, there are few VPN service providers which provide free VPN for windows or windows 7 or later.

Let us find out some best free VPN for windows and briefly discuss these:

TunnelBear – free VPN for Windows 7:

TunnelBear - free VPN for Windows 7

Tunnelbear carried a little cutesy design but it is a wonderful VPN that allows a user to protect identity easily. This is the best free VPN for windows 7 or pc along with mobile customers. With thousands of server Tunnelbear is really user-friendly and also it recently tuned up privacy policy. This free VPN offer paid a subscription and free subscription to select from, while the users are limited or restricted to 500MB of traffic every month in the free plan. As it is not fine enough and the user cannot use tunnel bear all the time so a user has to buy though it offers very reasonable or little fee.

It offers a wide range of paid-for plans in which users are not at all restricted as like free plan. Tunnelbear supports more than 5 devices and it has 20 plus server locations.

Download TunnelBear For Windows

Windscribe – free VPN for pc:

Windscribe - free VPN for pc

Windscribe is the best and super secure VPN along with generous data cap. It is known as the high-end free VPN for pc.  Windscribe is comparatively new in the VPN block but it offers the finest data allowance as well as committed to secure user privacy in the best manner. The user can anytime download VPN for pc free while its free service package gives 10GB bandwidth each month as standard also it allows users to select any remote server location from eight servers.

Download  Windscribe For Windows

Hotspot shield free – Download free VPN:

Hotspot shield free - Download free VPN

Free VPN for Windows: Another best VPN hotspot shield free is the most popular in this block and new users should not think too much and download hotspot shield free today. For all those who are using public wi-fi should get this great free VPN for best privacy protection. It is very convenient to use also it provide 500MB daily data allowance. If the user buys an elite version of this app then users are allowed to choose one from 25 countries as well as enable users to access anything they want. However, in the free version of hotspot user are limited or restricted to a location which this app chooses for them.

Download  Hotspot Shield For Windows