Download Free SSTap VPN

Download VPN Free SSTap: Browsing the web freely does not keep you secure and undetectable. There is a high chance of security risk while surfing the web openly. Your IP address can be recognized and you can be traced back. But you can achieve the anonymity by Free SSTap VPNUsing shadow socks, SOCKS 5 and HTTP connection with the proxy server and hide your identification around the world.

Download free SSTap VPN


Download Free VPN SSTap is virtual private network technology designed for game lovers and users who want to hide their IP.


Download free VPN SSTap:

SSTap VPN Free is available to download. Install SSTP VPN free on your device and configure settings. You can select an intermediary server from the options such as SOCKS 5, SOCKS 4/4a, HTTP or shadow socks. In spite of this, you can select a proxy from connection with the help of SS links.


Select the association mode and deal with extra choices.

You can add different servers to a rundown by selecting the server name from the drop-down menu in the primary window.

Save the connection and SSTap VPN does not run by default, you have to bypass connection by adding a shortcut in startup folder.


SSTap version details are:

  • SSTap version:

Updated on: 14-Nov-2017

License: free

Download VPN free SSTap For Windows 


Steps to Download VPN free SSTap:

Download SSTAP.

  • Install it on your device.
  • Open SSTap downloaded on your device.
  • Click + button.
  • Add SSR/SS proxy.
  • Update the SS account.
  • Add the account and activate it.
  • Save the account.
  • Click the connect button.
  • The connection will be established and start enjoying the games.


Download free SSTap VPNSSTap is a reliable VPN application that provides you with a facility of connection to different servers. You can secure connection over the internet. Multiple proxy configurations can be configured and connected. It supports different protocol making it safe and secure worldwide.


Download free SSTap VPN For Windows