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What is a FreeLAN VPN?

FreeLAN VPN is free open source computer software with great features and compatibility. It makes use of peer-to-peer, full mesh, virtual private network (VPN) techniques to establish strong peer to peer or site to site connection. It is compactable with both configuration routed and bridge.

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FreeLAN VPN provides maximum security and privacy by encryption of data and authentication. It uses Open Secure Sockets Layer (OpenSSL) library for data and control channel encryption, while authentication is carried out in several ways. It can be done using username and password, making use of pre-shared keys or by using any certificate.

If you are looking to download free VPN FreeLan Virtual private network is what you are looking for. It can be used for number purposes like internet surfing without sharing reallocation, transmission of the data anonymously, getting access to secured sites and play LAN games with friends.

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How to Download FreeLAN for free?

The open source software is developed using C and C++ code to make robust, light and transparently working. It is used and trusted around the world for its high performance.

This software makes use of standardized and well-established Algorithms to provide best security ever. More importantly, you can download VPN free.

Because of its high demand, it is available on many sites where you can Download FreeLAN for free and enjoy best services.


Free LAN download Windows version:

Free LAN download Windows version

FreeLAN VPN is compactable with windows like

  • Windows Vista™
  • Windows Seven™
  • Windows 8™
  • Windows 10TM

It is also compactable Mac OSX versions like

  • OSX Lion™ (10.7)
  • OSX Mountain Lion™ (10.8)
  • OSX Maverick™ (10.9)
  • OSX Yosemite™ (10.10)
  • OSX El Capitan™ (10.11)
  • OSX Sierra™ (10.12)

The application is available in on most of the sites but while you are downloading Free LAN download Windows version make sure to download pack with a similar configuration of operating system architecture.

If you try to install a 32 bit FreeLan VPN on the 64-bit operating system, FreeLan will run but VPN driver won’t.

So it is always advised to download free VPN with suitable configuration.


Freelan A VPN client:

It is a multi-platform, peer to peer virtual private network software which provides best VPN client services on the internet. Freelan, A VPN client which offers you the best services

Freelan A VPN client

It gives complete control of the date and connections. You can select any network topology of your choice. It is very stable and transparent. You just need to download it and it will be working in the background.


Freelan review:

FreeLAN VPN is a bit hard to configure because it lacks Graphical user interface. You need to configure it manually. However, instructions are provided by the developer, which you can follow and install the best VPN.

Freelan review

Three most common configuration mode of FreeLan VPN are:


Client-Server configuration:

This is the most common configuration typically used in organizations. In this configuration a computer is made a server and which can connect several computers. The main advantage of this configuration is that the server has full authority. It can allow or prevent communication of clients with each other.


Peer to Peer configuration:

In this configuration, each node is linked with all other nodes. In the case of single node failure, there is no impact on the working of the whole system. There are several other alternative paths for data transmission.


Hybrid configuration:

It is the most advanced configuration mode. It makes use of both mentioned configuration methods. The main advantage of this configuration is that it allows you to create many servers with peer to peer configuration in them.


How to use FreeLan?

Due to not having GUI, it looks a bit difficult but instructions are given to make it easy. to use FreeLAN VPN one need to download VPN free with configuration matching with your operating system’s architecture.

How to use FreeLan?

After you are done with the installation you can FreeLAN VPN as per your choice and work. It all will be done manually. You need not to worry as a guide is available.

Once you are done with the setting and configuration, you can enjoy internet browsing without showing your location. more importantly, FreeLAN VPN is very light transparent it will be working in the background.


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