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What is Tinc VPN?

It is an open-source mesh technology using a virtual private network. It makes use of tunneling and encryption technologies to secure connection between the hosts.

What is Tinc VPN


Sharing of the Data in Tinc VPN takes place through Virtual tunnels on the internet without exposing information to others.


What are the main characteristics of Tinc VPN?

It makes use of Encryption, authentication, and compression to transfer data in a most protected manner.

First of all, it compresses all the traffic using zlib or LZO, then encrypts the data with the help of LibreSSL or OpenSSL and finally protects the data packets with message authentication codes and sequence number.


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This will help in the transformation of data correctly at the destination with high security without missing a bit of information.


Uses Mesh technology for full automatic routing:

No matter how you connect Tinc daemon each other it will always make traffic flow directly to the destination without using alternatives.

More exact to say It routes data using the shortest possible way, which makes it automatic and better than other.

It makes use of network address translation for traversal.


Allows expansion of Virtual Private Network:

Add an extra VPN is simple in Tinc VPN. You need to add a new configuration file instead of creating a new daemon and configuring it.


Bridge Ethernet Segmentation:

It allows you to connect multiple segments to work as a single unit.


Support Many Operating Systems:

What makes it unique and better is its ability to support whatever operating system you use. Along with this it also supports IPv6.


Tinc VPN for windows:

The great fame and popularity Tinc VPN is that supports almost every window. It configuration in the window is pretty easy.

Download Tinc VPN for windows

What you need to do is download setup open it with Winrar and install. After installation, you need to follow simple steps to set your VPN and enjoy most secured browsing.

Moreover, Tinc VPN for windows setup is available on many sites and it is free to download VPN Free.


Tinc VPN review:

If you are looking for most secured VPN you definitely are looking for Tinc VPN.  In Tinc VPN review you will not find any flaw.

It is the best VPN ever. Users are satisfied with its performance. It comes with unique features. Some of the major advantages are:

  • Fast browsing speed
  • Very light
  • Most secured with tunneling technology
  • Provide dynamic IPs
  • Help to unblock a huge list of block lists.


Tinc VPN Android:

It is a very light application and requires very less memory. This is the reason it can run on embedded devices like ADSL routers, wireless access points, and NAS devices, supporting the operating system Tinc VPN supports.

Download Tinc VPN for Android

Because of the above-mentioned reason, the application can also run on Android phone providing the same services as on windows.

Along with other features, Tinc VPN Android has some additional features like

  • It requires no root privilege
  • It connects with management with a GUI
  • Uses third-party Android applications automatically through intents.


Download Free Tinc VPN APK for Android

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