Hide My IP for iPhone Free Download

Hide My IP for iPhone Free Download: While you are connected to an insecure connection like Wi-Fi connection of a library or a coffee shop you can easily be hacked no matter whatever device you are using.

Hence even secured iOS devices need a special type of security, which can only be provided by Hide My IP VPN for iPhone.

hide my ip for iphone free download

Hide My IP for iPhone is specially designed to provide military level security with advanced protocols and strong encryption method.

It along with security also lets you access your favorites websites and stream videos which otherwise were blocked.

Hide My IP address free iPhone provides you with a unique physical IP address so that even an internet service provider or government could not trace your online activities.

It is one of the most downloaded and admired Virtual Private Network (VPN) software application and comes in both free as well as in the premium version.

Hide My IP address free iPhone

You can download VPN free from many sites without considering device security as VPN is completely malware free.


How to set up Hide My IP for iPhone free?

It is neither a lengthy or difficult process. You can easily set Hide My IP VPN on your iPhone easily following these steps:

  1. For connection of any VPN, you need to have OpenVPN installed in your device. If you have it well and good if not please get it installed using “App Store”
  2. Once you are done go to “iTunes App Store” and install Hide My IP in your device
  3. Now run the application and enter your active email ID to get configuration file of the VPNHide My IP for iPhone free
  4. A new screen will appear asking you to select any accessible location. Select any one you like
  5. Now go email inbox and confirm your email
  6. The email will contain username and password which you will require to log in
  7. Now open the file with OpenVPN
  8. Click on add to start importing process
  9. On completion, you will be asked to provide Title, username, and password, insert credentials and start browsing the internet safely


Hide My IP Mac Free Download:

Hide My IP Mac OS x is highly compatible and provides best services regardless of device and operating system you are using.

Hide My IP Mac Free Download

Hide My IP for Mac is one of the highly rated and most trusted VPN of Hide My IP brand. It is available in free as well as in pro version.

Hide My IP Mac free is famous for providing incredible services which most VPNs don’t. for example, it is much faster than many of its competitors, secures Wi-Fi connection and allows torrenting.

More importantly, you can download free VPN from many websites.


Hide My IP Mac Review:

Hide My IP is admired throughout the world for the best services it provides.

Silent Features of Hide My IP for Mac:

  • Uses strong data encryption techniques and advanced protocols
  • Provides unlimited bandwidth
  • Has a huge network of servers
  • Provides fast browsing speed
  • Provides access to blocked sites along with hiding actual location.


Hide My IP for iPhone Free Download

Hide My IP Mac Free Download