Download NordVPN for Android

People around the world are using their Android phones for browsing more than PCs and laptops. The smartphone can also be hacked that is why these devices also need the protection of a best Virtual Private Network (VPN) like NordVPN for Android.

download NordVPN for Android

NordVPN is as famous in Android users as in other operating systems like iOS, Linux, Windows and so on. It comes with all the features which a VPN user wishes for. It is known through the world for the best security.

If you are an Android operating system user and want a fast and reliable connection with any site you must download free VPN “NordVPN for Android”.


What makes NordVPN best for android?

NordVPN is developed using most advanced protocols to cope with security challenges. It uses strong data encryption method for safe browsing even when you are connected to a local internet connection.

Best VPN for android free download

It is light relative to many VPNs. It takes no time to connect you with even blocked sites. It has a huge network of Servers which provide fast browsing. More exact to say if you want to browse your favorite websites anonymously you can use NordVPN for Android.


Best VPN for android free download:

If you want to protect your phone from unsecured, public WiFi networks and browse your favorite shows and videos which are secured with an IP use best VPN like NordVPN for android.

Along with NordVPN few other Best VPNs for Android are:

  1. ExpressVPN
  2. Hotspot Shield
  3. TunnelBear
  4. Windscribe
  5. ProtonVPN
  6. etc.



Android Package Kit is a file format which lets you enjoy PCs applications on your smartphone. Nord VPN is now available in APK format which means you can now enjoy same services of PC on your phone. What you need to do is download VPN free and enjoy safe browsing.


NordVPN android Review: 

NordVPN android Review

NordVPN is the best way to keep traffic secured with easy friendly interface. Silent feature of NordVPN for Android are:


  • Excellent interface
  • Fast browsing speed
  • A huge network of servers consisting over 1,000 servers
  • Built-in ad and malware blocking
  • Specialty servers for video streaming
  • Allows P2P
  • And much more


NordVPN pro for android:

If you want extra security and services you can have NordVPN pro for android. It offers best plans for a relatively low cost. It allows you connect to over 4000 fast VPN servers in 60 nations.

It preserves personal information with military-grade encryption and provides you with a unique IP address for anonymous internet browsing.

For example, if you can’t access a site form your country you can get access to it by obtaining the IP address of any other country with NordVPN.


How to use NordVPN free for android?

NordVPN for android is very easy to install and use. It follows very simple steps:

How to use NordVPN free for android

  • Download free NordVPN
  • Install it in your device
  • Log in with existing user name/ email and password
  • Select your location and enjoy your browsing

If you don’t have a sign up for a new account it is simple and easy.


Download NordVPN for Android