Strong VPN for Android Free Download

Android systems are more likely to be hacked and need special care, which you can only get with Strong VPN for Android.

StrongVPN for Android is very light and fast browsing Virtual Private Network (VPN) service. It is malware free and free software application with unlimited features which you otherwise get with a premium version.

Download Strong VPN for Android

Strong VPN for Android is developed and designed to provide military level security even when you are connected with a local internet connection.

It uses most modern and advanced protocols to keep you safe from security threats. Let, for example, you are sitting in a coffee shop and use publically shared internet connection to check your bank account. A man sitting there with a laptop can easily hack your data.

Here nothing can save but strongVPN for Android. It provides you with a unique IP address to hide your actual location and go anonymous while browsing.

Silent Features of Strong VPN for Android:

  • Offers unlimited bandwidth
  • Requires no Logging
  • Provides Tech Support 24/7
  • Offers military grade encryption
  • Bypasses restricted regional controls
  • Supports multiple devices
  • Comes with a huge network of Servers
  • Uses kill switch technique to save data scape when VPN is turned off.


Strong VPN App:

Doing complicated network settings, again and again, is really an arduous job. If you want to get rid of it you need to download free Strong VPN app for free.

Download Strong VPN App

It comes with a user-friendly interface with let you connect with Virtual Private Network with a single tap.

StrongVPN app is free and easily available on many websites. You can download VPN free and enjoy the best browsing without any restriction.


Strong VPN APK:

There are only a few Virtual Private Network services which due to high demand are available in all possible formats. Strong VPN APK is one of them.

download Strong VPN APK

Along with other file formats, StrongVPN is available in the Android Package Kit to provide you with best services and quality security on PC.

It does not require a long process of configuration you just need to download free VPN and enjoy anonymous browsing.


How to set up a Strong VPN on Android manually?

Setting up a Strong VPN is pretty easy and follows simple steps which are explained here for you.

download strong vpn free

  1. Open menu and go to “Setting”
  2. Select “More” and go to “VPN”
  3. Now tap on “Add VPN network”
  4. Here you will be asked to save your VPN with a unique user name and password. It is a one-time setting and will never bother you again
  5. Once you are done you will find a configuration screen with option “PPTP” click on it and select “L2TP/IPSec PSK”
  6. Now add credentials including type, name, password, server etc, and click on “Save”
  7. That’s it, you are done with VPN configuration now you can see StrongVPN in your VPN list
  8. Tap it and provide username and password
  9. Now click on “Connect” and stream your favorite shows and browse blocked websites without being traced.

free strong vpn for android

To get unlimited services free on your android phone you only need to download Strong VPN for Android free.


Download Strong VPN for Android Free