Download NordVPN for Chrome

If you are a using Chrome or Firefox browsers and want maximum security and data protection NordVPN is the best option for you. Download NordVPN for chrome and enjoy anonymous browsing.

Download NordVPN for chrome

NordVPN protects you from being hacked and data stolen by hiding your location with a unique IP address and encrypting your data. This Virtual Private Network (VPN) uses advance protocols to overcome security challenges. It is one of the best VPNs being used around the world.


How to download NordVPN for chrome?

Adding NordVPN extension is very simple and easy. You can follow these steps for NordVPN download for chrome:


  1. Search “NordVPN download for chrome” in Google
  2. Go to NordVPN site
  3. Click on “Add to Chrome”
  4. Now you will be at chrome web store and on the right corner, you will find “add to chrome” click on it
  5. Now a confirmation dialogue box will appear click on “add the extension”
  6. There you are it is done, enjoy browsing even restricted sites.

How to download NordVPN for chrome

How to use NordVPN chrome?

Once you have added an extension, the icon of the NordVPN extension will appear on the right corner of chrome browser. Click it and it will ask you to enter your “email/ username” and “password”.

How to use NordVPN chrome

If you have got an email and password that’s good if not,  don’t worry. You can click on “sign up” and create your email and password for free.

After you have email and password just log in and enjoy browsing any site anonymously.


Is NordVPN compatible with Chromebook?

Chromebook laptop is specially designed to challenge security issues but yet it needs extra security for your private data. You can get this extra security with NordVPN.

NordVPN for free

NordVPN is compatible with Chromebook. You can either download free VPN app to your Chromebook or add an extension to eliminate security threats.


NordVPN for free:

With a trial account, you can use the world’s best VPN for free. It, unlike other VPNs, does limit its services and promotion in its free version.

You will enjoy premium services even in the trial account. What you need to do is just download VPN free and login with your account.


How to download NordVPN for Firefox?

If you want to experience a more open and secure Internet with Firefox simply add NordVPN extension to it. Adding NordVPN extension follows simple steps:

How to download NordVPN for Firefox

  • Search “download NordVPN for Firefox”
  • Go to the official website of the NordVPN
  • You will find a button “Add to Firefox” under the heading “Add NordVPN extension to Firefox” click on it.
  • After that confirm the dialogue box by selecting “Add extension”
  • Now simply open NordVPN sign in with existing email and password or sign up for new and enjoy fast and secure browsing.


NordVPN Chrome extension review:

NordVPN chrome extension is light and easy to add. It comes with most advanced protocols to keep your data secure even when you are using a shared internet connection. For example the net connection of a coffee shop, restaurant and so on.

NordVPN extension comes with a user-friendly environment. it selects the nearest server automatically to provide you with fast speed. It lets you access all most all blocked sites and sites which have geo-restrictions.


Silent features of  NordVPN Chrome extension:

  • A Panama-based NordVPN has 5,026 servers in 62 countries.
  • It makes use of a unique double encryption technique to secure your browsing.
  • Unlocks Netflix and YouTube as well.
  • Allows P2P File Sharing.
  • Comes with live chat feature for Customer Support and Knowledge.

If you want fast browsing with high-quality security download NordVPN for chrome. It also can be used with Firebox browser.

Download NordVPN for Chrome