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ProtonVPN is Swiss-based Virtual Private Network service provider when you need extra security ProtonVPN. For safe browsing and keeping your data private, you need VPN especially when you are using the untrusted network for your browsing.

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For example, you are prone to hacking when you are using a publically shared internet service. It may be any coffee shop, library or any other place. If you get connected to this public network and start browsing your data without using a VPN, another person sitting there with a laptop can easily break your security and take your private data like passwords.

To cope with such situations you need to have the best Virtual Private Network service. VPN, while you are browsing the internet will make a tunnel for your traffic which leaves no place for hackers to enter and look for your private data.

If you are looking for the best free Virtual Private Network ProtonVPN is the best option for you.


How does ProtonVPN work?

The VPN is designed using modern security protocols and strong encryption methods to provide you best privacy and security. At first, it connects you with a Virtual Private Network Server to have you a unique IP address. Then it making a tunnel connects you with whatever site you are browsing.

How does ProtonVPN work?

While browsing data is encrypted for security assurance. Now data sharing between you and the browsing site is just like the flow of water in the pipe with now leakage. This leaves nowhere a hacker can get access to your data.


Along with high-quality security, it also lets you remove Geo-restrictions. Let for example if you can’t access a site form your location, it is because the site is secured by an IP address. You can get access to this site using the best VPN service like ProtonVPN.


How to download ProtonVPN?

ProtonVPN has a great number of trusted users around the world. a person using this VPN for the first time can’t keep himself admiring its awesome services and security. It is very popular that its setup can easily be found on every other site. You simply can download VPN free and enjoy the best services. It does not occupy large space or needs high-level configuration of your system. It can run on all most every device.


ProtonVPN review:

ProtonVPN, a worldwide used Virtual Private Network, is the most reliable and very light application software. It is compatible with Windows, iOS, Android and embedded systems. It takes no time to get you connected with even blocked sites.

ProtonVPN review

For your secure browsing, it makes use of high-quality security and strong encryption method. It provides you with a unique IP address to hide your location and browse internet anonymously. The ProtonVPN is most rated and reviewed VPN.

Here are the feature ProtonVPN reviews which make it the best option for you

  • It comes with an excellent free version
  • Very flexible as compared to many other VPNs
  • ProtonVPN focuses on Physical security
  • Comes with highly accessible client
  • It is a multi-hop VPN service for location security
  • It requires no LOGs
  • Does not save password


How to use ProtonVPN free?

ProtonVPN is free software with a user-friendly environment. You can easily launch your application and enjoy highly secure Browsing. What you need to do is download free VPN and follow these steps

  • Install VPN in your device
  • Signup for the account
  • Launch your application
  • Sign in with your account
  • Select your desired location
  • And browse whatever you want securely


ProtonVPN iOS:

iPhone devices are believed to be the most secured devices yet that does not make it completely secure from hacking. Hackers can make use of the internet connection you are using to steal your private data.

ProtonVPN iOS

To avoid this situation you need to use ProtonVPN. It comes in ProtonVPN iOS version along with windows version.


ProtonVPN APK:

APK (Android Package Kit) is file format of an application which let you enjoy best services on android phone with an application which before could only be used on Windows.


With ProtonVPN APK you can get access to unblocked sites and browse the internet without your location being traced. ProtonVPN APK lets keep your data confidential and keep yourself away from hackers.


What is ProtonVPN Sign up steps?

You want to go for ProtonVPN Sign up, no need to worry. It comes with simple steps to follow to create your account successfully.

  • Open official site of ProtonVPN
  • Click on sign up
  • Select a free plan
  • Enter your email
  • Now click on “Get ProtonVPN free”
  • Now you need to complete human verification
  • After that, you will be asked to create your username and password
  • And there you go you have successfully signed up for ProtonVPN.


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